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Update on the Hurricane Hat and the start of the “Manos” Cowl

on March 19, 2013

So I finished the hurricane hat and I don’t hate it. I figured out my mistake and corrected them; however, still manged to miss something. I have concluded that this hat was designed to be worked on double-pointed needles (DPs). DPs sound so dirty to me… I know I am silly and immature but it makes me giggle… hehe. Anyhoo, so here are some pictures of the end result:




Here are some photos from the first attempt of constructing this pattern:




The obvious difference is the yarn. This time around I used Manos Wool Clasica Naturals instead of the extra fine merino/silk/cashmere blend (that was on sale :)) in the photo above. However, the construction is different as well. I am the kind of person that needs things to be simple and spelled out. The pattern tells you to start decreasing after the piece measures 6.5 in. from the bottom. What it does not tell ya is to continue to work the pattern before decreasing to keep the spiral effect. I notice that missing instruction this time around and quickly adjusted. I also switched to DPs (hehe) before completely finishing the decreases. Overall, I do like the pattern and I am happy that I pulled this off.  From the lefty point of view this pattern is “mirrored.” I followed the pattern exactly and my spirals are left instead of right. It’s a minor thing that only few will notice. However, in the end the results are the same. This concept will interplay later… the problem the lefty faces is increases. Decreasing seemed to be very simple; however increases seems to make me confuses and directionless. With this hat is the very simplistic yet awesome “manos” cowl. What this cowl consist of is Manos Wool Clasica Natural, Silk Blend,and Maxima all knitted together on size US 17 or 12.0mm 29′-40 circular needle. I am using 29.’ So far I am really really please with the color combination. Here are some picture of the process:







Will continue to keep you guys and gals posted on the on cowl and next time I will plan out the projects over the next months to prepare me for the sexy spectacular Jacqueline Sweater! 🙂


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