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4KCBWDAY3 Infographic / 4KCBWDAY4 Colour Review

Today I am doing two days due to being busy yesterday and trying to create the charts (refreshing myself on Excel and Access). Excel won, but it was difficult to translate the chart as a graphic (need more training) into the blog. The topic of Infographic was day three, relating information about knitting into a chart or diagram. I choose to document my time spent in relations to life and knitting. Click on the link (I promise it is not spam or a virus): Knitting Chart Project

As you will see my priorities have shifted a bit.

Today’s topic is to do a compare and contrast of the colors that I usually knit with. My favorite color is blue and black. I have never knitted with black; however, I have knitted with blue, which currently I have three projects in the color scale of blue. I go through different periods/feelings of any color… but primarily I have knitted projects in purple and orange. But I am not shy of colors… it just has to look yummy! In my quest to gain more experience, my next adventure will be doing double knitting/color work. I just brought a kit here are the pictures:

IMG-20130423-01066IMG-20130423-01067We’ll see what is in store for tomorrow! 🙂


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