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WIP Wednesday!!!

Hey Everyone,

It’s WIP Wednesday. I have been working on my two sweaters since the first week of January. I have stalled a bit on the Ginny Cardigan but I started to tackling the body today. With the cubes sweater, I am making tremendous progress. I have separated for the sleeves and finished the decrease for the arms. The sweater is design to be a crop but I am thinking of make it a little longer. What are your thoughts? Show off your WIPs in the comments!

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Manos Adventures

Hey all!!!

I finished the “manos cowl” it turned out really nice. Just need to sew in the ends, soak and block,and BAM it’s all set. I also did a major yarn haul of  Manos del Uruguay Rittenhouse Merino 5-Ply yarn (has been discontinued) at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar (pictures to come). I bought a sweaters worth of yarn (crazy I know.. but at $8 buck a skein plus a discount… I just couldn’t help myself). I am in the process of exploring patterns for the yarn. I have been exploring Knit Scene spring edition and I have narrowed it down to two patterns; however, still pondering what i just bought…. Anyhoo, I have laid out a series of projects (in my head of course) to help introduce/enhance my skills before completing my first sweater. Project one will be a simple (yeah, right) lace shawl, followed by basic socks, a another hat, then on to my Jacqueline sweater!!! So excited!!!!!  Below will be picture of the Manos cowl:

IMG-20130325-00953 IMG-20130325-00954 IMG-20130325-00955

Just started my shawl this past weekend already had some issues and one restart. Restarting is like a death, disappointment and fairy tears are all in one… it was so disappointing 😦 . Luckily, I was not that far into the pattern and learn from mistakes quickly by installing a lifeline ….oh lifelines how I love thee.  I almost had a devastating restart today but it was just a near death experience and I was able to save my stitches as well as install another lifeline.  This time around it was not my fault but the interchangeable needles and the constant unscrewing…. definitely the most paranoid I have been knitting. I thought I chose a shawl pattern that was cute yet simple…. I am really starting to get a bit of a headache as well starting to curse a lot with this pattern. The pattern is called Fall Breeze Shawl . I am determined to finish the pattern… so far it is a simple pattern and my work is starting to look like the picture (so happy) and I am learning new things, which is awesome!  The color is a sky blue, it’s very spring, and the yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima. I swear I am obsessed with this brand of yarn… I do love it and working with it is a dream. I am really enjoying this pattern, from a lefty perspective is easy to mirror. There is nothing really complicated with this pattern.  So in order to get through this shawl I am going to be installing A LOT of lifeline, constantly check my needles and constantly taking breaks to breathe as well as focus (meaning swearing, crying, and loosing hope, temporarily).  Here are some pictures of my process so far enjoy! 🙂

IMG-20130325-00941 IMG-20130325-00943 IMG-20130325-00945 IMG-20130325-00948 IMG-20130325-00949 IMG-20130325-00950 IMG-20130325-00951 IMG-20130325-00952 IMG-20130325-00957 IMG-20130325-00958

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