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Finally Finish Something!!!!

I have never had a deep sense of satisfaction of finishing something…until knitting. Knitting has taught me to enjoy the finish, enjoy the end…
Oh how sweet it is!

Finally I have finish my first epic shawl. Measuring in at a whooping 67 inches (unblocked). Here are the pictures of my accomplishment.




Now to find the time to block….. Oh my!!!! ūüôā

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To buy yarn a scale or not to? Thus the question….

I was reading a pattern that I think I might want to start doing. It involved drop stitches which I find super interesting. In the pattern it directs you to weight the yarn several times during the process and once at 50 grams to start the decrease. First of all, complicated and second, I would need a yarn scale. Thus the question to buy a yarn scale.

Needless to say my hobby has turned into an addiction and a slight obsession. I really started knitting when I stop smoking. Which was the hardest thing to achieve (but I did! ūüôā ). And knitting really helped and it’s a habit I love and need in life. So beacon the questions do I need a yarn scale….

As you guys know I bought my swift and winder…. Now you know. I got them cheap and on sale, which make it extra special. I love love love my own winder and swift. It makes me appreciate my stash and yarn so much more… And it also liberates me from relying on my Lys. But a yarn scale… Is that too far? I discussed it with my boyfriend and his expression was priceless. Once I explain the point of the scale, he was more understanding. I am still debating about the scale…. But what are your thoughts on yarn scales?

Also here is the pattern I am referring to Clapo-Ktus by Loredana Gianferri…

Happy knitting!! ūüôā

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Day Late Tattoo Monday and Updates

Hey all,

I know I am a day late with Tattoo Monday. I was really busy yesterday. I also wanted to give an update of my latest projects and other knit-life things. With my shawl… it has been a long road. I have been procrastinating due to be so near the end. But I think I missed placed my pattern with all it’s notes. ¬†Luckily for Ravelry, I have some basic notes. My sweater… is coming along. I finish the body now working on the sleeves which I had to start over once and loss a lot of yarn (so sad). I was very very sad that I stop knitting for like two weeks and read a book! lol Anyhoo things are going well with the restart. Will have detailed notes for this sweater as well. In awesome news, my friends (inspired by me) decided to starting knitting again after a 10 year hiatus. We did a mini knitting tour and I enriched her of the world of awesome yarns and sales… oh the sales… and broke my yarn diet once again!!! ūüė¶ ūüôā It’s happy sad!!! But now I am on a strict yarn diet!!! Must avoid all yarn stores and new patterns. lol but SERIOUSLY!!!!

Hope you guys are having a good week!!! Here the tattoo of the week:

Yarn Cosmos

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Update on Shawl

Hey all,

I wanted to give an update on the shawl and what issues I have faced. So… Of course there were some issues. As you guys know, this shawl has been a pain in the ass. ¬†First, I brought two skeins of yarn (219 yards each) and through that was enough yarn, due to the pattern using 1.5 skeins of Caron Simply Soft (319 yards in one skein); however, what the patterns fails to mention is the gauge, it only states that the pattern took 250 stitches to complete. WTF does that mean? But I digress, I checked the yarn bible, Raverly for other suggestions and other results of the pattern. It seemed that every person has had some issues with this pattern (go figure). Another flaw in the pattern is the lack of dimension for the lace squares and the inches of the entire shawl. The author provides us with the knowledge that the main body is 55 inches (however, can be whatever length).

In the beginning, I was just mimicking the picture due to this oversight of the dimensions of the squares and made a mistake, which is easy to replicate when I get to the other end. After knitting for about 23.5 inches of the main body, I realized that this  shawl is going to be ridiculously long at 55 inches. This prompted me to re-think and re-structure the designed. I became a Knit Scientist!

I measured the distance of the lace border to the beginnings of the main body and determined that this was 9 inches. I determined that 15.5¬†stockinette stitches= 1 ball of yarn and 13-13.5 inches in lace pattern= 1 ball of yarn. I determined that the dimensions of the normal squares are 4.5 cm or 1 3/4 in x 5 cm or 2 in and my mistake¬†modified square is 7 cm or 3 in by 5.5 cm or 2 3/4 in. With all my¬†calculations¬†and the new measurements for the main body (47 in), it is going to take me five (estimated) balls to complete the entire shawl (1095 yards). Crazy right… I KNOW!!!!

This pattern was not meant for wool worsted weight yarn… it was probably for bulky… blah! But here are the pictures at 39 in¬†(estimated). Almost done! ūüėÄ

IMG-20130519-01128 IMG-20130519-01127

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4KCBWDAY2 A Mascot Project/Updates

Day 2 (back on track) is about picking projects that represent either the house itself (i.e. the monkey) or qualities that embody the house. I stumbled¬†across¬†another blogger doing the same blog-a-thon and they choose a wonderful as well as perfect ¬†mascot… the family guy monkey! ¬†It’s so awesome check it out here:¬† Due to a mascot being¬†chosen,¬†I am going to focus on option two, projects that embody the house. Luckily (cause I am awesome like that) the projects I am currently working on are good representations of my quest to increase my skills as a knitter.

A lot has happened since I started this blog. My shawl is 50% done, I started the dream sweater,¬†Jacqueline¬† and I started a basic sock. I know ridicules! But I just couldn’t wait to start these projects. I originally planed to just start the sock because I had progressed far in my shawl. But then the sock proved to be too boring and was killing me with how slow the productions was going. I realized that although DPs (double-pointed needles) are awesome (for some projects); however, the next time I do socks, I think I am going to try two at a time on a circular¬†needle. ¬†Anyhoo, this lead me to throw caution to the wind and start the sweater project. I figured that I want to learn to make a sweater and I need to just do it. I am visual learner and need to be able to see my triumphs as well as my mistakes. The house I choose and the reasons for participating in this week blog event is to increase my skills as a knitter. Below are pictures of my progress on all three projects:




IMG-20130423-01058 IMG-20130423-01053


This is my latest results as of today 4/23/13 which is exactly one month since I started the project!! So happy with  my progress the results.


IMG-20130423-01052 IMG-20130423-01050 IMG-20130423-01048

Slow and steady…


IMG-20130416-01023 IMG-20130416-01024


IMG-20130423-01045 IMG-20130423-01042


So far… so good.

As you can see, I have cast on many different projects to enhance my skills and to continue my knitting obsession. I will continue to keep ya posted on each project, included my left hand¬†substitutions¬†as well as lefty observations. I will also be doing some posts on my yarn hauls and future projects. Enjoy blog week! ūüôā

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Rookie Mistakes

Here are the updates on the Shawl… it’s going well… now!! So I admit it, I started off pretty roughly; however, things are coming together, until I realized a total and complete wrench in completing the shawl, I do not have enough yarn…. I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH YARN!!!!! I feel extra extra stupid and unprepared. But anyhoo, waiting on a back order of ¬†yarn…. but here are some pictures of the progress ūüôā :

from 3/23/13 to 3/28/13 (not in order and restarted on 3/24/13)

IMG-20130325-00943 IMG-20130328-00978 IMG-20130328-00977 IMG-20130328-00976 IMG-20130328-00974 IMG-20130327-00967 IMG-20130327-00966 IMG-20130326-00964 IMG-20130326-00962 IMG-20130326-00961 IMG-20130325-00958 IMG-20130325-00957 IMG-20130325-00952 IMG-20130325-00950 IMG-20130325-00949 IMG-20130325-00948 IMG-20130325-00946 IMG-20130325-00945

As you guys know, I brought my own winder and swift… so exited and planing to get into some seriously knitting. ¬†I start my socks tonight to help pass the time and start advancing towards my goal of completing a sweater. I am still searching for a pattern for my Manos haul…. any ideas? I will post pictures of the yarn and some learned techniques. I am going to admit that starting the socks are¬†intimidating¬†me a bit; however, pushing through (fearlessly). ūüėČ

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Manos Adventures

Hey all!!!

I finished the “manos cowl” it turned out really nice. Just need to sew in the ends, soak and block,and BAM it’s all set. I also did a major yarn haul of ¬†Manos del Uruguay Rittenhouse Merino 5-Ply¬†yarn (has been discontinued) at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar (pictures to come). I bought a sweaters worth of yarn (crazy I know.. but at $8 buck a skein plus a discount… I just couldn’t help myself). I am in the process of exploring patterns for the yarn. I have been exploring Knit Scene spring edition and I have narrowed it down to two patterns; however, still pondering what i just bought…. Anyhoo, I have laid out a series of projects (in my head of course) to help introduce/enhance my skills before completing my first sweater. Project one will be a simple (yeah, right) lace shawl, followed by basic socks, a another hat, then on to my¬†Jacqueline¬†sweater!!! So excited!!!!! ¬†Below will be picture of the Manos cowl:

IMG-20130325-00953 IMG-20130325-00954 IMG-20130325-00955

Just started my shawl this past weekend already had some issues and one restart. Restarting is like a death,¬†disappointment¬†and fairy tears are all in one… it was so disappointing ūüė¶ .¬†Luckily, I was not that far into the pattern and learn from mistakes quickly by installing a lifeline ….oh lifelines how I love thee. ¬†I almost had a¬†devastating¬†restart today but it was just a near death experience and I was able to save my stitches as well as install another lifeline. ¬†This time around it was not my fault but the¬†interchangeable¬†needles and the constant unscrewing….¬†definitely¬†the most paranoid I have been knitting. I thought I chose a shawl pattern that was cute yet simple…. I am really starting to get a bit of a headache as well starting to curse a lot with this pattern. The pattern is called Fall Breeze Shawl¬†. I am determined to finish the pattern… so far it is a simple pattern and my work is starting to look like the picture (so happy) and I am learning new things, which is awesome! ¬†The color is a sky blue, it’s very spring, and the yarn is¬†Manos del Uruguay Maxima. I swear I am obsessed with this brand of yarn… I do love it and working with it is a dream. I am really enjoying this pattern, from a lefty perspective is easy to mirror. There is nothing really complicated with this pattern. ¬†So in order to get through this shawl I am going to be installing A LOT of lifeline, constantly check my needles and constantly taking breaks to breathe as well as focus (meaning swearing, crying, and loosing hope, temporarily). ¬†Here are some pictures of my process so far enjoy! ūüôā

IMG-20130325-00941 IMG-20130325-00943 IMG-20130325-00945 IMG-20130325-00948 IMG-20130325-00949 IMG-20130325-00950 IMG-20130325-00951 IMG-20130325-00952 IMG-20130325-00957 IMG-20130325-00958

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