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Day Late Tattoo Monday and Updates

Hey all,

I know I am a day late with Tattoo Monday. I was really busy yesterday. I also wanted to give an update of my latest projects and other knit-life things. With my shawl… it has been a long road. I have been procrastinating due to be so near the end. But I think I missed placed my pattern with all it’s notes.  Luckily for Ravelry, I have some basic notes. My sweater… is coming along. I finish the body now working on the sleeves which I had to start over once and loss a lot of yarn (so sad). I was very very sad that I stop knitting for like two weeks and read a book! lol Anyhoo things are going well with the restart. Will have detailed notes for this sweater as well. In awesome news, my friends (inspired by me) decided to starting knitting again after a 10 year hiatus. We did a mini knitting tour and I enriched her of the world of awesome yarns and sales… oh the sales… and broke my yarn diet once again!!! 😦 🙂 It’s happy sad!!! But now I am on a strict yarn diet!!! Must avoid all yarn stores and new patterns. lol but SERIOUSLY!!!!

Hope you guys are having a good week!!! Here the tattoo of the week:

Yarn Cosmos

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Tattoo Monday!

California-Florida Knit

Tattoo Mondays!!

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Tattoo Late Monday!

Yeah I have been busy!! Sorry about the late delay but here is some Tattoo Love. Also  I will provided an update of my projects as well my yarn diet cheat some time this week!!! (Shakes head). Anyhoo, hope everyone is safe and have a great week/weekend. 🙂

Tattoo 5

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Tattoo Monday

Hey everybody, last week I forgot tattoo Mondays. To make it up I am going to give a double dose of inspiration.

Steampunk Tattoo

Lace tattoo

Hope everyone has a good Monday!!!!

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Tattoo Monday

Here is a cute one that I am very much considering for my next tattoo. Enjoy and Happy Monday! 🙂

Knuckle Tattoo

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Tattoo Mondays

Here is the back view of last week’s tattoo as well as an extra cute tattoo:

Tattoo 3 Tattoo 4

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Tattoo Mondays

Tattoo 2

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