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OH SNAPS!!! It’s a real WIP Wednesday!!

Hey everyone, I made it to WIP Wednesdays. Lol I have been knitting and contemplating on my next projects. This is going to be a three part blog. First WIPs, future project aspirations, and recent acquisitions.


Currently, I am working on the Fade to Flax, (formerly known as the Everyone Loves a Green Dragon), the White Walker Dragon, and the Liz’owl sweater.

The Fade to Flax is coming along. I finally brought more stitch markers for keeping track of counting. It appears that I have some weird numbers going on. I think I am going to try the sweater on to see when I should start decreasing. I feel that this sweater is going to be a little modified. 🙂

The Liz Owlsweater has been going slow…because I am in the woes of sleeves. But because I am doing them two at a time, I am grateful to only having to go through the woes once. No progress pictures to show as very little has been made.

Lastly, is my Joji Locatelli’s Dragonflies sweater. Originally it was titled Everyone Loves a Green Dragon because of the forest green color of the 4-ply mohair blend from blacker yarns. Although I got gauge from swatching, I wasn’t satisfied with how the pattern was knitting up. The yarn was too see-through because it is a fingering weight. I considered going down needle sizes, however, worried about running out of yarn because of the tighter gauge. So I decided to use long time stash yarn from knit picks in the colorway of dove heather, thus the new name The White Walker Dragon. Today, I had a set back, I wasn’t happy with the neck line and was having too many mistakes in the pattern due to poor concentration (tired and failed to make it a travel project) I ripped back. Below are pictures before the rip back. I know this will grow as I get back in the grove. But this is an at home project for sure.

Next on Needles

If you have been following this blog this year, you know my goal is to knit at least 6 sweaters. I have finished two sweaters and have four more to go. You are also aware I have purchased a ton of yarn from Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I have also purchased yarn before going to the festival and need to get the stash under control. Next up to be cast on in the next couple weeks is the Joji Locatelli’s Radiate Sweater and the Blafjell by Skeindeer Knits.

I am love Joji Locatelli’s sweaters and the Radiate is such an interesting colorwork sweater. Below is my awesome project bag and the yarn I plan to use. Stay tuned for my updates:

Skeindeer knits has an awesome podcast on YouTube about living in London as a Norwegian knitting and obtaining a PhD. She is very funny and I was happy to had briefly met her in Edinburgh. Here is a link to her channel.

She has been designing lately and being a fan and getting more into colorwork, I decided to try her Blafjell sweater. It is going to be interesting but I am excited to try it. Below is the project bag and yarns I am planning to use (finally using some Edinburgh yarn).

FINALLY….New acquisitions. After Edinburgh Yarn Festival, I decided to go on a yarn diet for a long time. I am committing to only knitting from the stash. However, before the festival, I signed up for Lady Dye Yarns monthly mini skein box for the black panther theme. It came this week and did not disappoint. I am so so happy. She also threw in a surprise project bag which I absolutely love. The skeins are 500 yards (100 yards a piece) at DK weight. Before I get into pictures, Lady Dye Yarns is a small dye black woman own business. I came across the business after reading a blog about the lack of diversity in tthe yarn industry. It was refreshing to find her business and blog. This also lead to me finding GGMadeit. I plan to do a blog devoted to my yarn influencers. Definitely check out Lady Dye Yarns!

Without further ado, the pictures of awesomeness. Enjoy! Happy Knitting!!

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WIP Wednesday…a day late

Hey Everyone!!

It has been a crazy week and lots of updates. I am knitting very slowly but knitting. As mentioned in previous post I have finished a couple projects. Currently, I started the Fade to Flax sweater for my travel project for Edinburgh. It is my first fingering weight sweater, that is design to eat up the copious amount of fino in my stash. I have 6 skeins of fino (2 skeins of different colors) that I picked up during Rosie’s Yarn Cellar closing. 😦 still sad…miss you Rosie’s. Currently I am using four skeins now for this sweater; however, might add more if needed. Below are some current pictures of the Fade to Flax ( I love this pun…it is so metal. Lol )

There are a couple mistakes but that what makes it home made and unique to me. The pattern is clear and is inspiring me to think about designing as it is a basic sweater pattern. Definitely recommend for beginners to sweaters.

The second WIP which has slightly stalled only because I need to whine up balls to start the sleeves, which is the Liz Sweater. The lace motifs came together and looks great it is a highlight of the cardigan. I learned a new technique which is short row shaping. It was interesting and see why it is cool. I hope I did it correctly because I am not frogging back. The yarn is difficult. I am so happy to be rid of this yarn! I know it is going to be nice once blocked but it is a pain to work with. Also, I notice that one side short rows look great and the other side looks obvious…again I hope it blocks out. Today I plan to start the sleeves. I am going to do two at a time and use one of my new project bag for it. Excited!!!! I am trying to get out of the woes of sleeves quicker via two at a time. Wish me luck!

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Edinburgh part 2…

Back again forgot two items from the haul. The first item is the Edinburgh Yarn Festival exclusive yarn festival planner. This planner is great as it helps organize the festival trip with yarn budgets, classes schedule, pattern planning, and room for designing. It is so smart and definitely something I will use in the future. I think I got the yarn fest bug guys!!!

The second book is the Color & Knit, Mittens. This book is genius! With the adult colorbook trend this book combines elements of coloring, design, and knitting. It is genius and omg I had to have it. It is by Aleks Byrd, which I plan to look more into but this is genius. Below are pictures of the book. This is all of my Edinburgh haul…now I can retire. Lol stay tuned for project updates.

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It has been a crazy couple of weeks! Sorry for the lack of updates. I finished the Cubes for Maria on March 11. Just in time for the trip! I did not complete the motif on the sleeves because the sweater was starting looking to kiddish/campy. It came out nice, there were some structural issues, which I fixed to the best of my abilities. However, I plan to make another sweater with my Edinburgh Yarn haul.

I did complete my grandpa sweater as you are aware and did block the sweater. It help a bit but not much. Picture will come for that. Also the sweater pills like no other. I brought another sweater quantity of the same yarn to create the sweater again for a bigger size. I will probably start that soon, as the weather is starting to break and it would be nice to have it early fall. Really warm and fast sweater to make.

Enough with the updates! I had a great time at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It was amazing! I spent way too much money and was very overwhelmed but I regret nothing!! I got to meet and talk with Skeindeer Knits, “Ellie” which was awesome. I was glad to have met her despite my awkwardness. I am always weird when I meet people who are famous or content creators it is weird….I think because I don’t want to fan girl out (briefly did) and I know sometimes people just want to be left alone. Below is pictures of my haul and a video detailing more about the yarn enjoy!! More updates to come, stay tuned!

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Hey All!!! Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, or what ever!! And Happy New Years!!!! I know I went on an unintentional hiatus. I have just been super busy and just going through a lot of school and work issues. Anyway, I have been knitting and still trying to finish my sweater I started during the KAL. Updates to come. Until then enjoy this article why knitting is good for the soul and your health! 🙂

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It is official… I think I am done with Double Pointed Needles (DPs).

As the title suggest, I am truly done with DPs. I use to love Double pointed needles. But now I am over them. I have been on a hunt to find a circular needle with a 16′ cord and I finally settled on Hiya Hiya. I just have to say these needles are awesome.  So good-bye Dps!!! 

Who knows, I might still using them from some project… MIGHT!!! Here are some pictures looking backs on DPs projects. Enjoy! 🙂IMG-20130423-01050 IMG-20130423-01048

AB Hat 3 AB Hat 2

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Toilet Paper Knitting… Too Awesome!

Knitting Toilet Paper by Wang Lei 2010

Updates and Post to come 😉

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To buy yarn a scale or not to? Thus the question….

I was reading a pattern that I think I might want to start doing. It involved drop stitches which I find super interesting. In the pattern it directs you to weight the yarn several times during the process and once at 50 grams to start the decrease. First of all, complicated and second, I would need a yarn scale. Thus the question to buy a yarn scale.

Needless to say my hobby has turned into an addiction and a slight obsession. I really started knitting when I stop smoking. Which was the hardest thing to achieve (but I did! 🙂 ). And knitting really helped and it’s a habit I love and need in life. So beacon the questions do I need a yarn scale….

As you guys know I bought my swift and winder…. Now you know. I got them cheap and on sale, which make it extra special. I love love love my own winder and swift. It makes me appreciate my stash and yarn so much more… And it also liberates me from relying on my Lys. But a yarn scale… Is that too far? I discussed it with my boyfriend and his expression was priceless. Once I explain the point of the scale, he was more understanding. I am still debating about the scale…. But what are your thoughts on yarn scales?

Also here is the pattern I am referring to Clapo-Ktus by Loredana Gianferri…

Happy knitting!! 🙂

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Knitting Left Handed

I know it has been a long time since I have posted updates on my various project, but I wanted to focus on the process of knitting. This post will be about knitting left-handed and different ways of knitting. I will be updating on my various projects over the next couple days.

Last night, I was you-tubing and looking at knitting stuff, such as the Russian Join, which is awesome (if I can pull it off). Here is a video for the Russian Join technique, of connecting a new ball of yarn:

What lead me to look up left-handed knitting videos was the lady in the above video, seemed familiar with previous searches of left-hand knitting haters; however, it was not her, but then I stumbled across videos for knitting through the back loop or Ktbl and realized that not only do I knit left-handed but also I knit through the back loop (ARGH!!!!!) Seriously… I still get the same results, but now I am all types of backwards. Here is a video of the technique:

I find this humorist because I can do the reverse of what the video is demonstrating and get the same effects… but who wants to constantly think about these things… sometimes you just want to knit. 🙂

According to his other videos I purl sorta the “correct” way; however, this the way I am “supposed” to be knitting:

I do plan to explore this technique of knitting, after completing my projects. I think I should learn this way due to easier translations of things like SSK and ktbl. However, the stubborn and rebellious side of my wants to develop my own style of knitting. But I will try it out… going to be re-learning to knit all over again. Hopefully it won’t be too bad!!

So this week, I will give updates on my projects, details of my various yarn hauls, and knitting books that I have recently brought and those I cherish. Have a great week everybody.  🙂


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Day 5, 6, and 7

I originally began this blog-a-thon with the intentions of becoming a better blogger, having fun, and doing something new. What I didn’t plan was the time of the blog. I went out-of-town to visit my pregnant Bestie and my god son. I had a blast and got to really relax. I was trying to complete day 5 on Friday; however, coming up with and idea to complete the criteria proved to be more difficult than I thought. After a weekend long journey and inspiration from other bloggers, I finally came up with ideas to finish the week out.

4KCBWDAY5 Something A Bit Different

Day 5 instructs use to create a wordless blog or something other than words about knitting. So I have been having the tattoo itch and really wanting to get something cute and small. I also want to have a visible tattoo. I have two tattoos, one on the back of my neck and one on my left ribs/side. I was thinking that my next tattoo should be knitting themed. Once a week, I will showcase an awesome knitting tattoo.

Week 1

Tattoo 1

4KCBWDAY6 – A Tool To Covet

As the name suggest, what tool(s) do I love and cherish the most? I would have to say my knitting books and YouTube. I am still a (advance) beginner and need to sometimes refer to YouTube or my knitting books for support.  The two books I cherish the most is Stitch N’ Bitch: Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller and Knitter’s Companion Deluxe Edition w/DVD by Vicki Square. These books are awesome and very simple to follow. I recently brought a swift and currently awaiting my winder. I  think that theses are the next tools that will be used a lot in my life!

4KCBWDAY7- Looking Forward

This is the last post of the knitting/crocheting blog week. The blog basically asked about the future projects or skills I planned to complete or attempt. I hope to tackle color projects, sweaters,  different yarns (lamb, camel-hair, mohair, bamboo, etc), and two at a time socks.  I also hope that next year, I will be better prepared for this blogging adventure. I have learned a lot from this experience and feel that my blogging have been taking to the next level. I think over the year, I will revisit some of the topics, to improved as well as try different ways to relay information. But I enjoyed this experience and I hope you did as well!

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