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Why Emily Organized a Mini Maker Faire (and How You Can Too)

Super dupa interesting!!! Please share!!

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Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

Needed to share this… Hilarious!!!!!! ❤

Pointe Shoes Punk Rock And Purl

It’s amazing what knitting can teach you! Click the picture to see 18 of those important life lessons 🙂

ETA: Uhh, for anyone who raised a brow… the link content is PG!!

Just in case there are delicate sensibilities reading.


knitting is like sex

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Getting Beyond Garter Stitch: Or, How to stop being a beginning knitter

Fringe Association

Getting Beyond Garter Stitch: Or, How to stop being a knitting beginner

One of my favorite things about knitting is how remarkably little you need to know in order to broaden your horizons. For example, if all you know how to do is work the knit stitch back and forth in rows, then what you can make is garter-stitch squares or rectangles.* But if you simply cast your stitches onto a circular needle and knit in rounds instead of rows, and if you can stick your working needle into two stitches instead of one (i.e., k2tog), then suddenly you can shape those same knit stitches into a three-dimensional object — a hat. Another one: Move your yarn to the front of your work, insert your needle into a stitch from behind instead of from the front, and violà, you can purl. Each new microscopic skill like that opens up whole new realms of possibility in a completely amazing and magical…

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Two new yarn art installations


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It is official… I think I am done with Double Pointed Needles (DPs).

As the title suggest, I am truly done with DPs. I use to love Double pointed needles. But now I am over them. I have been on a hunt to find a circular needle with a 16′ cord and I finally settled on Hiya Hiya. I just have to say these needles are awesome.  So good-bye Dps!!! 

Who knows, I might still using them from some project… MIGHT!!! Here are some pictures looking backs on DPs projects. Enjoy! 🙂IMG-20130423-01050 IMG-20130423-01048

AB Hat 3 AB Hat 2

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Knitting University

I was reading knitting daily this morning, which  presented a great article on textile and design degrees. She talks about how she always thought a textile degree was odd; however, after years of knitting is envious of the degree. She then goes on to wish for a second degree in knitting. I thought this idea was brilliant and I would total get a degree in knitting.

I didn’t think a textile degree was odd, growing up in Philadelphia you encounter many textile designers and fashion experts. At one point, in my early teens, I considered becoming a fashion designer. I was so drawn to the concept of designing something new and actually completing the craft. I almost went to a high school specializing in design ; however, opted for music at an art school. It wasn’t until college I started to redesign with yarn.

Which also brings up another topic… free flow knitting. Is it possible? Does anyone free knit? I know when I crochet, I don’t need a pattern to create something… that how I designed my yoga mat bag. I just started crocheting and it formed. I wonder if anyone can or has done something like this in Knitting. I always wanted to free knit; however, it seemed to be more involved in the designing process than the actual construction. Hum… thoughts! Enjoy.

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Stash-Busting Goals

This has been a busy weekend for me, and I am trying to organized a major stash bust. My main goal for the next 8 months is to get down to one bin.

I feel like need to unload a lot of yarn and need to make room for better and awesome yarns. My stash is an example of my progress as a knitter and yarn enthusiast. A lot of things are changing in my life and it is time to let go of the past. So this is my yarn clean out.

Here is a list of projects that I plan on working on:
Slouchy Bubbles by tshep
Mayne Island Hat by Caitlin ffrench
Claudia by Mj Kim
Dragonflies Jumper by Joji Locatelli
Giant Giant Granny Square Blanket by Purl Soho
Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh
Rikke Hat by Sarah Young

This a working list and it is subject to change but this is my course of action… First up the Rikke Hat. Will keep ya posted on my stash busting and my sweater!!!! 🙂

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Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

I find this hilarious

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Seriously!!!! Stop buying YARN!!!!!

I have finally hit it, a yarn wall. Every knitter has goals and aspirations for their yarn stash. At this time, my goal for my stash was to keep it contained to two containers. Oh have the mighty reach the limit.

I have finally reach the capacity of both my bins… And I have realized that I have a lot of yarn… Time to stash bust. As the summer comes to an end, I will document my last yarn haul and will not make a yarn purchase until the first day of spring 2014…. Time for discipline and restraint.

First up a June buy at the Lys shop, loop.



Worsted weight Bunny fiber yarn. About 350 yards of awesome goodness.  It does have a little alpaca in it; however it doesn’t bother my allergy. Needs to be a fun cowl.

Next is my July purchase at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar (my addiction headquarters).

I brought three skeins of Manos silk blend and two skeins of Manos Rittenhouse (on sale… Just couldn’t pass up the sale of a discontinued yarn) and two skeins of Shetland ( for swatching purposes).

And to end the summer and my compulsive yarn shopping, another trip to Rosie’s in August.


Yep that’s a whole bag of Noro yarn ( on sale for $60, ten in total) and two skeins of Manos Alegria. Why did I buy it? Did you see it, does there really have to be a reason. But I need to turn those sexy (s) into an awesome gorgeous shawl.

So there you have it my compulsive shopping and yarn addiction full frontal. I definitely need to stop buying yarn. I only hope I don’t lose my discount at Rosie’s? I might have to use that discount before it I lose it. But I am going to hold out for as long as I can. Maybe invest in more books. This yarn diet I need to keep. 🙂


Finally Finish Something!!!!

I have never had a deep sense of satisfaction of finishing something…until knitting. Knitting has taught me to enjoy the finish, enjoy the end…
Oh how sweet it is!

Finally I have finish my first epic shawl. Measuring in at a whooping 67 inches (unblocked). Here are the pictures of my accomplishment.




Now to find the time to block….. Oh my!!!! 🙂

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